• MARKET SURVEY - review of subject, primary and secondary competitive facilities, demand analysis based upon historical rounds, comments on subject rates and market positioning, facilities under construction and planned in the market area.
  • MARKET STUDY - includes Market Survey plus supply & demand analysis based upon participation rates (including demographics), analysis of subject operating statements and cash flow projection.
  • FEASIBILITY STUDY (for proposed facilities) - includes Market Survey and Market Study plus cost analysis, investor return requirements, net present value analysis, recommendation of development feasibility.
  • APPRAISAL (for existing facilities with three years of operating data), - includes Market Study (analysis of alternate uses/redevelopment as needed). Typically used for financing, Ad Valorem tax appeals, bankruptcy, litigation, condemnation, buy/sell decisions, portfolio analysis, etc.
  • APPRAISAL (for proposed facilities) - includes Feasibility Study plus income approach value, cost approach, market sales comparison approach, highest and best use analysis.
  • BROKERAGE, BUYER AND SELLER CONSULTING - knowing the "players" both regionally and nationally, we can assist in finding buyers, sellers, financing, assistance for marketing, repositioning and renovation. Mr. Hughes is a licensed broker in Kansas and has been a professional landman.
  • DUE DILIGENCE - information gathering on markets, title, contracts, operations, asset inventory, replacement requirements, to "get your hands around" an asset you may have in a portfolio, a potential foreclosure, or for potential buyers and developers.
  • ASSET ALLOCATIONS for acquisitions, insurance, IRS book values, leases, partial interests, etc.
  • REVIEWS of appraisals, market studies, feasibility studies for lenders, banking regulators, buyers, sellers, attorneys, courts, etc.
  • ECONOMIC IMPACT STUDIES - cash flow projections with calculations showing impact of sales tax, property tax and other benefits from a golf course in the community, municipal golf course deal structures, manage vs. outsourcing
  • MARKET POSITIONING - focused market research, niche opportunities, private vs. daily fee, marketing and pricing.
Steve Hughes loves a good challenge, which is the main reason that he’s worked on more than 160 golf assignments since 1986 . . .
— Golf Inc. magazine (2004)